Culture of Excellence

Internationalists understand our strategically crucial and highly pivotal geopolitical period of human history from the contemporary age to the Age of Beauty. Those who fail to seize this moment will sadly be left behind by the upward march of history. History stops for no one. The onus is on us as Canadians to lead by example. The rise of hate on all sides happened under the watch of the current intelligentsia. A vote for INCEP is not only a vote for a political party, it is a vote for an entirely new intelligentsia – one who understands that the suppression of identity is not the way to reduce hate; the experience of the past few years has demonstrated the exact opposite. Internationalists support a new supra-national identity that is inclusive of every race, faith, and background: the global citizen. As global citizens, nobody has to pretend that group differences don’t exist in order to be friends, as evidenced by the success of Russell Peters. On the contrary, global citizens can all unite towards the common goal of preserving the beauty of every race, faith, and background, in peace and harmony. This global culture will be a foundational element of INCEP’s education and media reform. It’s time for the West’s culture creators to face trial in the court of public opinion.

#HumanPride | #GlobalCitizen

Global Investment

Internationalists will create a “Canadian Direct Investment Fund” (CDIF) to match all foreign direct investments dollar-for-dollar, in addition to removing all barriers and taxation for U.N.-friendly foreign investors. The additional taxes generated will go towards the creation of a universal mental health care system, whereas the CDIF’s profits will be reinvested in the creation and expansion of “Global Cities”, each of which will serve as a magnet for tourism facilitated by a new high-speed railway that connects every major Canadian city together. Moreover, Internationalists will develop Toronto to accommodate a new home for the United Nations’ headquarters.

Green Urban Development

On the one hand, there is a very real need to save our planet. On the other hand, there is a tradeoff between green policy and the economic consequences of such a regulatory burden. Internationalists have the solution for this catch-22. Instead of imposing additional green regulations on existing Canadian cities, Internationalists will build new ones that ratify the U.N.’s environmental agenda, right off the bat. These “Global Cities” will then expand and slowly crowd-out our existing cities, thus protecting businesses from the sudden imposition of regulatory burdens. Internationalists believe that Canada can achieve a lot more for our planet with a soft touch, rather than a firm hand.

Cultural Conservation

In addition to cosmopolitan Global Cities, each identity group will have a Global City dedicated to exhibiting the beauty of each respective group. To that end, Internationalists will build one Global City for each major racial and ethnic group in Canada to serve as a global cultural exhibit and a racial, ethnic, and cultural conservation zone open for tourism. As one of the most diverse multicultural countries in the world, Canada must assume its role as the world’s cultural custodian in line with UNESCO’s culture and development agenda.

Interfaith Dialogue

Just as every major Canadian racial and ethnic group will have its own Global City, so will every major Canadian religious group. Tourists from all over the world look forward to an authentic experience of Canada’s beautiful religious communities and the unique opportunity to walk in each other’s shoes.

More Jobs & Higher Wages

The rise of Global Cities will bring with it a surge in demand for exactly the kind of skills that middle class professionals specialize in: Canada will need physicians, lawyers, accountants, engineers, programmers, and more. This means higher wages and increased employment opportunities for a more prosperous Canadian middle class.

Universal Basic Income

The looming real estate development boom cannot be brought about without workers of all kinds: construction workers, plumbers, welders, and so on and so forth. Given the limited number of workers, this increase in demand can only lead to higher wages, more employment opportunities, and a mass return of disenfranchised workers back into the workforce. Internationalists commend the great work that unions do in bargaining for better working conditions. It’s time for the Canadian government to do its part by loosening the regulatory barriers to NIDA’s international universal basic income program in development. Such laws will prevent innocent hard-working Canadian families from a much-needed source of assistance for basic necessities.

Gay Paradise

Internationalists believe that the 2SLGBTQIA2P2+ community is deserving of a Global City just like any other community. This Global City will be called “Gay Paradise”, and every single day in this city, there will be an internationally-televised gay pride parade. Internationalists will make Gay Paradise a low-regulation tax-free zone for transgender-specific medical services, alcohol, cannabis, gambling, clubbing, contraceptives, and all other consumer goods and services. 

Québec Autonome

Les Québecois on toujours été motivés par leur désir collectif de gouvernance autonome et de gérer leur propre destin. En ce moment, même avec un parti supposément nationaliste au pouvoir, nous voyons cette espérance en déclin rapide. Les Canadiens-Français sont toujours sous la tutelle du gouvernement britannique d’Ottawa. Nous souhaiterions briser la chaîne et devenir un partenaire coopérative avec les anglophones (Canadiens et Américains) afin de devenir un superpouvoir économique régional. En poursuivant des activités économiques spécialisées, en s’appuyant sur les expertises des travailleurs Québecois, nous pouvons utiliser l’effet de levier afin d’atteindre ses fins et de poursuivre notre destin autonome et coopératif du 21e siècle.

Anti-Pervert Program

The single greatest threat to the national security and sovereignty of Canada and the entire Western world is the existence of secret sexual pervert cliques – some of whom are blackmail honeytraps – among individuals of political and cultural influence (see Jeffrey Epstein). Under an Internationalist administration, CSIS will lead a joint investigation with Interpol into Western academia, news, music, and Hollywood (see Roman Polanski and Harvey Weinstein) to determine why so many sexual perverts are in charge of such institutions. The final report of this investigation will set the stage for a public inquiry involving all culture creators of interest, and an examination of the kind of culture they create to determine the  pervasiveness of socio-sexual subversion. Sexual perverts should not be allowed to influence public opinion, culture, or create child educational curricula (see Benjamin Levin), due to the inherent incentive to sexually subvert and groom their audience into accepting sexual perversion as a norm.

Bilateral Euro-Canadian Security

In response to the tragic war in Ukraine, the Nobility International passed 2 resolutions which assert a new Eurocentric approach to international relations and which support the creation of a united pan-European army. Under an internationalist administration, Canada will work with our European brethren to replace Canada’s existing security architecture with one based on a bilateral Euro-Canadian security agreement. Like Europe, Canada can no longer depend on the United States for its security needs. The days of succumbing to American pressure are over. Canada and Europe must move upward together in a post-American world. NATO is a fundamentally outdated concept that serves US interests at the expense of Europe and Canada.