Internationalist Ukrainian Integration Policy

Mar 4, 2022 | News

Flag of Ukrainian-Canadians

More than one week following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Immigration Minister Sean Fraser has announced that Canada will “accept” an “unlimited number” of Ukrainians fleeing their country. All measures mentioned boil down to a mere laxing of visa requirements. This is insufficient, unsatisfactory, and fundamentally lacking in scope and depth; to speak frankly, it is an insult to the Ukrainian community.

Now is not the time to be welcoming; this is a default for Canada and for the Liberal Party to be taking any credit for this is entirely arrogant and opportunistic. Now is the time to go above and beyond Canada’s usual welcoming nature. Now is the time to protect and provide for Ukrainians. Once the Ukrainians arrive, they will need financial assistance, housing, health care, and education, something the Internationalist Party has dubbed the Internationalist Ukrainian Integration Policy (IUIP).

Under an INCEP administration, Canada will implement a full-spectrum IUIP and deliver to Ukrainians what the current government ought to. In order to do that, INCEP needs your support to win the necessary seats to secure a majority government. Register today to get started: let’s move Canada upward together!