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1 World, 1 State, 1 Democracy

Notice: Silence Is Violence

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A class act for all Canadians

Who We Serve

Internationalists are the party of global excellence. We know that sameness is not our problem – it is our greatest source of harmony. As Internationalists, we respect our cultural similarities and pledge to work for all Canadians to move this country upward, even when we disagree. We do not merely seek to compromise – we strive to put an end to Canada’s international reputation of mediocrity and unimportance. Canada must lead the world into the Age of Beauty, both by example and by spreading excellence throughout the world, particularly where the sexually perverted terror of erronormativity runs rampant.


Where We Stand

Internationalists believe in a merit-based economy with a compassionate social safety net, that mental health care is a basic necessity, that reason is downstream from morality, and that the United Nations is headed towards statehood – a noble world order of global democracy and international law.

Why the new intelligentsia should vote INCEP

For a culture of excellence.

Why globalists should vote INCEP

For global investment.

Why environmentalists should vote INCEP

For green urban development.

Why all racial / ethnic groups should vote INCEP

For cultural conservation.

Why religious communities should vote INCEP

To walk in each other’s shoes.

Why middle class professionals should vote INCEP

For more jobs & higher wages.

Why the working class should vote INCEP

For universal basic income.

Why 2SLGBTQIA2P2+ should vote INCEP

For Gay Paradise.

Pourquoi le Québec devrait voter INCEP

Non, à la séparation. Oui, à l’autonomie.

Canada & Quebec


Internationalist Ukrainian Integration Policy

Internationalist Ukrainian Integration Policy

More than one week following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Immigration Minister Sean Fraser has announced that Canada will "accept" an "unlimited number" of Ukrainians fleeing their country. All measures mentioned boil down to a mere laxing of visa requirements....

Canada’s Pandemic Response

Canada’s Pandemic Response

Shortly after the the COVID19 lockdowns were put in effect, Canada made the wise decision to financially support children, students, wage earners, and small business owners with a variety of government programs. In doing so, Canadian families have been protected, the...